Since sharing is caring, we made it so users can share without a care.

Tagd offers a smooth experience that makes tagging your products effortless.

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Track Tag Adoption

Discover which products are being liked, shared, and discussed.


Generate Hashtags

Generate custom hashtags for customers to use when sharing your product.


Reward Brand Embassadors

Email users promotions for sharing your product.


Manage your subscriptions


Promote the Promoters.

$ 0.25 /email

  • Send HTML Template Promotional Emails
  • Email users mentioning your brand.
  • $0.35/email for unique brand products
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Own your brand.

$ 500 /month

  • All products covered under brand.
  • Email users that posts about your brand.
  • Control content sent to users.
  • Brand Protection.
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Data Curation.

$ 1500 /month

  • Curated Relevant Data
  • Distrubutable Content
  • Personalized Support
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"Innovative" is an overused claim

So then how do we describe our product? You can decide. But the bottom line is Tagd Social offers solutions that do not exist in the market today. With social media algorithms ever-changing, businesses that adapt their marketing approach can thrive with Tagd.

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